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Date:October 5th – 7th 2018
Location:Berlin, Germany
A non-commercial computer arts and multimedia festival held annually - this year for the fifth time!
Expect a wide variety of creative competitions, groovy live-acts, mindblowing seminars, retro-gaming and much more!
Come and join us for a weekend full of fun, meeting old friends or making new ones!


ORWO-Haus, Frank-Zappa-Str. 19, 12681 Berlin, Germany

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The party will happen again in the renovated basement hall of ORWOhaus, an 8-story industry structure built in the 8-bit era. Features:


Friday 05.10.
  • 14:00
    Party starts! Doors open.
  • 16:00
    Retro Gaming Championship - start of free training and registration
  • 17:00
    Opening Ceremony
  • 17:15
    Demoshow - Newschool Demos
  • 18:00
    Retro Gaming Championship - Qualifications/Quarterfinals
  • 22:00
    Zatacka Retro Gaming Tournament
  • 22:30
    Shader Showdown Finals
  • 0:00
    Live act
  • 1:00
    Live act
Saturday 06.10.
  • 10:00
  • 13:00
    Music Compos + Remote Entries
  • 13:00
    Demoshow - Oldschool Demos
  • 14:00
    Wild, Animation, Three-Dee
  • 15:30
    Blasphemy in pixel art. How to use modern tools like Photoshop and 3D to enhance and speed up your workflow. (by Ragnarok)
  • 16:00
  • 17:00
    Music Competitions: Streaming, old school, tracked
  • 18:00
    Executable Demo Compos
  • 19:00
    When a bridge is not enough, build a Viaduct - How to turn your Amiga into a fun retro MS-DOS PC, and other heresies. (by Charlie)
  • 20:00
    Freestyle & Oldschool executable Gfx, ASCII ANSI PETSCII, Themed Photo
  • 21:00
    Three-Dee, Wild, Animation
  • 22:30
    Oldschool Platforms, 256byte
  • 23:00
    JavaScript, PC 4k, PC 64k, PC Demo
  • 1:00
    Live act
  • 2:00
    Live act
Sunday 07.10.
  • 10:00
  • 10:00
  • 13:00
    Prizegiving Ceremony
  • 14:00
    Party ends!
  • 15:00
    Go to Computerspielemuseum and get 44.4444% off the regular ticket price

Live Events


Colorful, loud, relentless: This is dsh! Be as impressed as we were when we saw her performance on Function 2018 in Hungary.


Demoscene classics played by a live rock band? F*** yeah! You know them as friendly bar-people from previous Deadlines, but now you will get to know their true passion: Music! In this case they listened to a whole bunch of demoscene classics and will present them in a way you have never heard before.


Once again, wayfinder (Farbrausch) will prove that the progressive trance era is far from over. Let your mind travel straight to the 90s, and rave your feet off!

Seminar: When a bridge is not enough, build a Viaduct

How to turn your Amiga into a fun retro MS-DOS PC, and other heresies – a seminar held by the hungarian Amiga legend and long year party-organizer Charlie^Singular Crew.

Seminar: Blasphemy in Pixel Art

How to use modern tools like Photoshop and 3D to enhance and speed up your workflow – a seminar presented by Ragnarok.

Shader Showdown

Live coding has never been so exciting! We invite four competitors to compete for a live 1-on-1 shader coding tournament. All battles will happen on Friday evening, October 5th, 2018. If you'd like to volunteer for this competition, please send a mail to or!

44.44444% OFF at Computerspielemuseum

Here's a little goodie for all Deadline Visitors: Show your wristband at the entrance of the Computerspielemuseum on Saturday or Sunday and get in for 5€ instead of 9€! Thank you guys! <3 It's really worth a visit and they have a little demoscene section there as well. Sounds like the perfect place to head to after the prize giving ceremony, right?


General Rules

  • First rule: Be creative and have fun!
  • We invite everybody to take part in our compos, no matter if you are a beginner or a scene veteran.
  • Your contribution must not have been released before.
  • You must hand in Contributions before the respective compo deadline.
  • In case of too few compo entries for one compo (less than three) the party organizers can cancel or combine competitions.
  • By taking part in a competition you agree that we spread your entry (e.g. through and that we’re allowed to use it in non-commercial promotions for upcoming editions of Deadline demoparty.
  • We will disqualify entries containing content which violates German law or are unsuitable.
  • If your entry contains commercial material it will be disqualified as well.
  • The composer of any music released or used in any competition must not be registered at any copyright society. This includes – but is not limited to – all members of BIEM (take a look at their website for more information). Notably GEMA is a member of BIEM.
  • If you have questions about these rules, contact the organizers at

Remote Entries

You can’t make it to the party, but would like to take part? We accept remote entries for all compos!

Please send your remote entries to The deadline for remote entry submission is Oct 5th 2018, 13:00 (CET)

Please note: For remote entries we will try to send you the prize or bring it to another demoparty, eg. Revision. This usually works out well, but no guarantee.

Executable Competitions

PC Demo

We have a Windows compomachine with the following specs (not final yet):

  • CPU: Core i7
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Titan Black w/ 6GB RAM
  • OS: Win8.1 64bit with then latest DirectX and stable NVidia drivers.

Kindly provided by Tastatur und Maus e.V. — Thanks! 🧡

  • If you plan to release a MaxOS X or Linux production please contact us before the party so that we can make sure we have the right OS ready for you.
  • Maximum total size on disk after unpacking 512 MiB
  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes.

Oldschool Platforms

  • We can provide a C64 (new or old SID), Atari STE, Atari Falcon 060, Plus4 (with 1551 or 1541), or Amiga (500 or 1260).
  • DOS entries are run in DOSBox 0.74 or DOSBox-X (recent Git version). If you need special settings, tell us in the release notes or provide a dosbox.conf file with your release.
  • We allow every other oldschool platform with 8 and 16 bit as well – but please bring your own hardware then.
  • If you can't bring your own hardware, please tell us in advance and we'll see what we can do.
  • Please contact us in advance in case of unconventional video signals.
  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes.
  • You need to provide your entry on disk(s), file(s) or as disk-image file(s).
  • If possible, please also hand in a video of your entry.

256 Byte Intro

  • Entries must be one-file, and that file must be 256 bytes or less.
  • Entries will be shown for approx. 1 minute.
  • Any oldschool platform is accepted (including DOS/DOSBox).

PC 64K Intro

  • Maximum file size of intro executable is 64 KB (65.536 bytes). All other files in the archive of the intro will be deleted before showing the entry in the competition.
  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes.

PC 4K Intro

  • Maximum file size of intro executable is 4 KB (4.096 bytes). All other files in the archive of the intro will be deleted before showing the entry in the competition.
  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes.

JavaScript Compo

  • Intros and demos of all file sizes allowed.
  • Size of the entry will be displayed on the pre-roll slide.
  • We will show entries on the newest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge Browser (please specify what you prefer).
  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes.

Other Competitions


  • Anything possible (Meaning: It can be run on any other platform, which is not listed in other competitions)
  • No size limit
  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes
  • Either bring the platform and we will try to hook it up, or include a digital video of your entry, or perform it on the stage!

Three-Dee Compo (Red / Cyan Glasses)

  • This year, Deadline will enter the third dimension! Put on your glasses and follow us in three-dee hyperspace!
  • Allowed formats: Everything that outputs a red/cyan picture e.g. graphics / (GIF) animations / executables (newschool and oldschool)
  • Red/cyan glasses will be provided for free at the party
  • If you need one in advance, please send us your address and we’ll try to send you one via mail

Video Animation

  • Maximum running time is 10 minutes

Graphic Competitions

- Up to two entries per artist and graphics competition allowed. - We recommend that you also provide a list of the tools you have used to create your entry - Please make sure that your entry is free of third-party rights!

Freestyle Graphics

  • You can use every tool you wish (pixel/render/scan & retouch), just be creative.
  • The entry should be delivered in .png/.bmp/.tga format (lossless)
  • Maximum resolution/bit depth: 1920×1080 / 24 bit
  • You must include working stages of your entry.
  • Note: This is a graphics compo, not a photo compo (we will not accept pure photos)

Oldschool Executable Graphics

  • Entry must be in a native graphics format for an oldskool platform.
  • Entries for platforms without a standardized image format (Atari XL, C64, …) must be handed in as executable. Otherwise, a picture in a standard image format (e.g. IFF on Amiga) is accepted.
  • Animations are not allowed (except for scrolling)


  • ASCII and ANSI: Maximum width is 80 characters, no maximum height/lines.
  • PETSCII: Maximum width is 40 characters, maximum height is 25 characters.
  • No XBIN, custom pallets or Ansimations.
  • Please declared whether your ASCII should be displayed as PC or Amiga ASCII
  • PC ASCII is shown using 80×25 VGA mode in the compo
  • Amiga ASCII will be shown using AcidView’s built-in topaz font in the compo.
  • If you’re unsure whether your entry will be displayed correctly, provide a PNG as a fallback along with the original file (optional)
  • Please provide a thumbnail for the voting system (optional)
  • If there are enough entries, we might split the compo into PC ASCII/ANSI, Amiga ASCII and PETSCII.

Themed Photo

  • The theme this year is ‘Raumpatrouille / Space Patrol’, go get creative, we’re looking forward to seeing your ideas!
  • The competitor has to be the person who took the picture
  • Retouching and collages are allowed
  • If it’s not a pure photo: Do not forget your working stages (without them, we will disqualify your entry)
  • Please do ensure your entry includes the original, unmodified picture(s)

Music Competitions

  • Up to two entries per artist and music competition allowed.
  • The composer of any music released or used in any competition must not be registered at any copyright society. This includes – but is not limited to – all members of BIEM (take a look at their website for more information). Notably GEMA is a member of BIEM.

Streaming Music

  • Entry must be in MP3, OGG, OPUS or FLAC format.
  • Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. If your entry is longer, we will fade it out between 4:00 and 4:10.
  • Do not use any copyrighted material in your track.
  • Entries will be played back using the latest XMPlay.

Oldschool Music

  • Allowed formats:
    • SID (please specify if new or old)
    • Atari ST SNDH
    • AHX+HVL
    • AdLib/OPL3 (RAD2/ADT2)
  • Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. If your entry is longer, we will fade it out between 4:00 and 4:10.

Tracked Music

  • Entry must be in any format supported by OpenMPT (MOD, XM, S3M, IT and many others).
  • We will play back entries using the latest xmp-openmpt plugin for XMPlay.
  • Please specify if you want any specific playback settings in xmp-openmpt (e.g. interpolation, stereo separation)
  • Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. If your entry is longer, we will fade it out between 4:00 and 4:10.
  • The number of channels used will be mentioned on the beam slide during the competition.
  • Size Limit: 2 MB


Let your friends know you’ll attend. So far, 0 other cosmonauts already did! Your registration is not binding.

Who’s coming?


    The pre-sale is over. You can buy your ticket at the entrance. Don&squo;t worry, we always had and will have enough space for everybody! :) See you there!

    What ticket types are available?

    Regular Ticket: 35€

    Incl. Breakfast/Sleeping

    The regular ticket is for all who like to visit and enjoy the party in its entirety. It comes with the following features:

    • Valid for the entire duration of the party (3 days)
    • A table space to put your stuff on inside the party hall
    • A place to sleep in the sleeping hall (in the backstage area — please bring mattresses/sleeping bags)
    • Free breakfast 🍞

    Day Ticket: Friday 15€, Saturday 20€

    Without Breakfast/Sleeping

    You can come only on one day? Just buy a day ticket at the venue.

    • No breakfast/sleeping included
    • Only valid for one day
    • We can't guarantee a table space (but usually have enough space for everybody

    Supporter Ticket: 70-500€

    Incl. T-Shirt/Breakfast/Sleeping

    This one provides a considerable boost to what we can spend on party features. This will help us get better equipment, food, networking and other expenses and improve everyone’s party experience greatly.

    Additionally to the standard ticket features, as a supporter-ticket holder…

    • We mention you on our website as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous – simply tell us during payment)
    • We mention you at the prizegiving as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
    • You can send us a slide which we will show at regular intervals on the big screen during the party
    • We will reserve a Deadline 2018 T-Shirt in your size for you
    • We will love you eternally. Or longer. 🧡

    Discounted Ticket 20€

    Same features as the regular ticket.

    It’s given out on mutual trust basis to…

    • First time demoparty visitors: We want to encourage newcomers to come to Deadline! If you’re unsure whether it’s worth it or not, take this opportunity, come around and be part of it!
    • People who couldn’t afford to come because of a low income, a far and expensive trip, etc.: We don’t expect you to send us detailed explanations or copies of your account statement. Just be fair and don’t take this ticket if you could easily afford the other one, since we have a limited party budget.



    Imprint / Impressum

    Veranstalter vor Ort und Ansprechpartner bezüglich der Veranstaltung, sowie inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 55 Abs. 2 RStV: Philipp Eckert, Hermannstr. 224, 12049 Berlin, Tel: 0177 1970283, E-Mail:

    in Kooperation mit:

    Orwohaus e.V., Frank-Zappa-Straße 19-20, 12681 Berlin (Vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand: Vorstandsvorsitzende Christoph Hellmich und Patrick Wolf. Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Vereinsregisternummer: VR 24031, Steuernummer: 27/674/51898)


    Digitale Kultur e.V., Christinastraße 82, 50733 Köln (Email:, vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand: Tobias Heim, Stefan Keßeler (Vorsitzender), Stephan Maihöfer, Amtsgericht Köln, Vereinsregisternummer: VR 14200, Steuernummer: DE 234279707)

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    Die hier abrufbaren Inhalte erheben keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Die rechtlichen Hinweise sind unverbindlich und daher nicht rechtsbindend. Sie haben vielmehr einen informativen Charakter, ohne dass für die Richtigkeit Gewähr übernommen wird.

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    Image credits: All icons are from the Noun Project. Creators: ‘infinite’ by Lorena Salagre, ‘Couch’ by Creative Stall, ‘wheelchair’ by Jens Tärning, ‘Toilet’ by corpus delicti, ‘size’ by Iconstock, ‘Bar’ by Iconspace, ‘cart’ by Alfa Design, ‘sleeping’ by AomAm, ‘bonfire’ by Adrien Coquet, ‘Branch’ by Kirby Wu

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